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FTSE USES the most advanced ECN quote technology in the industry to continuously optimize the spot spread while providing traders with the perfect one-stop global fx and CFD trading experience to meet the trading needs of different types of traders.

  • The average EURUSD spread of 0.1 is the best in the world
  • No "hidden fees" of the original spread means we really need to hit 0.0 *
  • Our diversified and proprietary liquidity portfolio makes a point difference of 5 day 24 hour quote
About Us

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FTSE attaches great importance to regulation and the security of clients' funds. We provide clients with an absolutely safe but transparent trading environment, and since its inception, we have been committed to creating a secure, stable and convenient online financial transaction service for clients around the world. We have a wide range of business, can provide investors with mainstream currency, precious metals, stock index futures, oil and other international hot trading products, here, you do not need to worry about capital risk, do not need to worry about the technology is too weak, as long as you have investment needs, FTSE can create your own personalized investment program.

Since its inception, FTSE has focused on the layout and customer development of the asia-pacific region, and has a professional team to explore the various needs of customers in the asia-pacific region. From China to Thailand to Malaysia and Singapore, the fulcrum will eventually spread throughout the asia-pacific region, becoming the region's largest brand in derivatives trading.


Multiple products can be traded on just one account

Trade a variety of products CFDs, including popular foreign exchange currency pairs, futures, indexes, precious metals, energy and equity CFDs products, with a finger click, easily traded in global markets.

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Universal MT5 trading platform

FTSE offers clients the opportunity to trade on MetaTrader 5, an award-winning trading platform. There is no doubt that MT5 has become the most popular trading platform for currency traders due to its ease of use, with a rich trading environment and automated trading capabilities.


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